Japan SIM Card

Purchase your Japan Data SIM Card

Once in Japan, you will realize you desperately need a SIM card for daily use. The majority of mobile operator companies require you to hold a Japanese credit card and Residence Visa. You might also struggle with filling out difficult forms in Japanese. Getting a SIM card in Japan may seem like a challenging quest at the beginning, however, some reading and browsing will save you lots of time and energy. If you are planning to stay in Japan for a short period you might consider ordering your SIM card online. You can order your SIM card with your Japan Rail Pass order, and receive it at home.

Travel around Japan with your prepaid SIM Card

While traveling in Japan you will definitely want to share your experience with your friends and family which is hardly possible without a Japanese SIM card. You can buy it through virtual network operators such as Sakura Mobile, from online travel companies like Klook, or get Japan travel SIM card in our website. The SIM you want to get depends on your travel plans such as:

Length of your travel.
Reasons you are going to need your data.
The frequency you are planning to use the data.
Whether you need it for calls and SMS or simply data.

Advantages of the SIM Card

Unlimited data and Softbank coverage
This SIM includes unlimited data in Japan without speed reduction and with Softbank coverage, the best in the country.
Very easy to use
Insert the SIM in your mobile when landing and activate the “Data Roaming”. You already have a connection. It’s that easy. All cards come with simple instructions.

You keep your Whatsapp number
Do not lose contact with family and friends, with this SIM you keep your number in WhatsApp to call and write to all your contacts.
24/7 help service
This SIM is very easy to use, but if you have any doubt we help you by email. We are here to help.
Share data with others
Share data like a Pocket Wifi without having to carry another device with you. Use your mobile to generate a Wifi network and connect more devices.
Shipping with your JRP
Receive your SIM Card while purchasing your Japan Rail Pass. Real unlimited data and ability to share network with other devices from only 2.9 euros a day, cheaper than a Pocket Wifi and internet since you land.

Service details and conditions
Data SIM technical details

A Japanese SIM card has its unique serial number as well as international mobile subscriber identity number, security authentication and ciphering data, temporary data associated with the local network, an archive of the services the user has access to, two passwords: a PIN for ordinary use, and a personal unblocking code PUC in case you get your PIN blocked by accident.

How it works?

ENSURE your smartphone’s compatibility
BUY your SIM Card for Japan
ACTIVATE data roaming and enjoy the internet!
LAND in Japan and follow instructions

What includes?


In formats:
. Normal (old)
. Micro SIM
. Nano SIM

To extract your SIM data. If your mobile allows you to use two SIM cards, simply insert the card into the slot that is not being used.

To activate your SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the advantages over the Pocket Wifi?
Data SIM cards work in your mobile from the moment you land, so you avoid queues and wasted time. Moreover, you don’t need to carry a heavy Wifi router or pay a deposit in case of loss. At the end of your trip you don’t need to hand over the card either, you can discard it if you wish.

How do I keep my number on WhatsApp?
To keep your number on WhatsApp you don’t need to configure anything. If you don’t set up a new number in WhatsApp you always keep the old one.

Can I make calls with this SIM Card?
No, Japan does not allow mobile phone numbers for people not residing in Japan, this card only includes data.

Can I share data with this card? (tethering)
Yes, with Japan data SIM cards you can share data from your mobile to other devices via Wifi. Check your phone’s manual to see how to do this.

What’s included in the package?
All shipments include the SIM card, a metal piece to eject the SIM you use and be able to insert the destination country, and a card instructions in case you need to configure the APN of your mobile.

How do I configure my mobile?
In most cases you just need to insert the SIM and activate the “Data Roaming” option on your mobile. You will receive an auto-configuration SMS message. If not configured, each card is accompanied by instructions for creating an APN. In case you need help we can talk by email and chat 24 hours a day.

Which operator are the cards from?
All Japan SIM cards work with Softbank and Docomo mobile coverage, the best in Japan.

Since when do you start counting the days?
The Japan SIM card is activated when you insert it in your mobile once you land, from that moment they begin to count the days. The card expires after the days of validity and is counted by calendar days, not hours.

Is it compatible with my Smartphone?
In order to use SIM cards, a free mobile phone compatible with Japanese networks is required. Although most of them are, if you are not sure you can ask us in the chat.

Can I use this card in a Wifi router?
Softbank does not guarantee that these SIMs will work in a wifi router, it is a card intended for use in a mobile and we do not support routers.

Details: Two data SIM cards for Japan to choose the one you are most interested in, with data at LTE speed and the best coverage in Japan. They are activated as soon as you insert them on arrival (includes instructions) and allow you to share data with other devices. Don’t carry heavy Wifi routers, with our unlimited data cards you can share data to your companions from the moment you land and with your own mobile. Avoid queues at the arrival or end of your trip and do not worry about advance deposit for the rental of the Pocket Wifi and return it on your return, these cards are disposable.

Note: It is important that you select the Softbank or Docomo network, these cards can work with other networks but the data could be consumed. Check the compatibility with your mobile, we can help you by mail or in the chat.