Pocket Wifi

Looking for a wifi connection while traveling abroad can sometimes be frustrating as well as time consuming and sometimes with no results. Renting a Pocket Wifi in Japan is ideal if you are looking for fast and unlimited internet access for the entire duration of your travels.The pocket wifi fits in your palm is very light weight, and it is easy to set up. There are no speed restrictions and the pocket wifi supports 72 languages including Japanese.It will allow you to access the internet with any device (iOS, Android, Windows and Mac). You can order your Pocket Wifi with your Japan Rail Pass order, and receive it at home.

Rent a Pocket WiFi to travel to Japan

Renting the pocket wifi for Japan is a simple and easy process. Choose your plan, unit quantity, rental period, personal information as well as delivery location and you are almost there. If you wish you can receive your pocket wifi at your hotel in Japan or when you arrive at the airport. The delivery will only day one day to reach your hotel. If you have any issues while ordering your pocket wifi the English speaking staff will be there to help you 7 days a week.

Service details and conditions
Pocket WiFi technical details

Completely unlimited data and no speed restrictions
Max speed: 187Mbps (Download)
Network: LTE/4G Softbank
Battery: 10 hours continuous use
Device: Up to 10 Connected simultaneously
Area: Nationwide Coverage

Use mode

Enjoy the unlimited Internet during your stay in Japan, you can activate your pocket Wi-Fi router by:
-Use the power on button, get your device to connect to the pocket wifi
-Select your Wi-Fi router’s SSID from the list
-Enter your Security key as a password
-Click/Tap “Connect”.
Once that is done, you are connected!

How do I return the Pocket WiFi?

To return your pocket wifi you simply need to drop the package into post a box. A prepaid and self-addressed return envelope is enclosed in the pocket WiFi delivery package. All you need to do is to pack all the items into the envelope, seal it and drop it off anywhere in Japan.

What happens if I return the device late?

You have to drop your Pocket WiFi router in the post box, by noon of the next day of the end of the rental period. If you return your device late you will be charged JPY 550/day up to two months after the return date. We advise returning the pocket wifi on time or extending the rental time.

What happens if I lose the device?

If you have lost or damaged your device you will be charged a fee depending on the situation and the damage.