Kyoto Station

The station encompasses several surrounding blocks. Numerous trains operate out of the station including the Haruka airport express and the bullet train or shinkansen. The building is constructed of glass and steel, proving the effect of a futuristic cathedral. The main concourse is enormous with escalators leading to the upper levels. The glass corridor on the 11th floor can be reached through the east elevator on the seventh floor. This is where the skyway is located. On the 15th floor is the Sky Garden terrace, offering guests breathtaking views.

About Kyoto Station

The station is the transportation hub for the entire city, offering the Karasuma Subway Line and a large bus terminal. Overnight highway, long-distance and city buses depart from the station on a regular basis. The station has two sides, Hachijo and Karasuma. The Karasuma side has more traffic, faces downtown, and was named for the street leading to downtown. The main bus terminal is also located on this side, offering numerous shops and hotels in addition to the Kyoto Tower. 

The Hachijo side offers access to additional hotels, highway bus stops and the Toji Temple. The building also has two information centers for tourists. The first center is located on the second floor. The multilingual staff offers PC terminals and pamphlets used by many of the tourists. The second center is located on the ninth floor. The multilingual representatives offer more information in English in addition to free internet access. 

Counters for delivery service and luggage storage are located in the basement. There are so many coin lockers throughout the building, they are rarely full even on the busiest days. In addition to the basic facilities, the station offers 15 floors of conveniences and attractions including the art museum, Granvia Hotel, theater and a wide range of dining and shopping options.

What to eat in Kyoto Station

The station offers a wide selection of restaurants and foods. The Donguri Kyoto Ekimae restaurant was established in 1977. The establishment specializes in locally sourced ingredients. Kyoto Ramen Koji serves ramen popular in eight different regions. Chibo Kyoto Avanti is well known for exceptional pancakes, offers a children’s menu and is English friendly. One of the best places to eat is the Cube Food Court on the 11th floor. The court offers a nice range of restaurants and different foods. 

One of the most popular foods is conger eel. The eel is baked with a local sauce, then placed on rice. The eel is usually deep-fried, grilled or boiled. In the summer, it is served cold with a tart plum sauce. Many of the tea houses offer a frothy green tea called matcha. Matcha is also included in soft-serve ice-cream, cookies, cake and crackers. Three types of Japanese pickles are served, sugizuke, senmaizuke and shibazuke.

Yatsuhashi is a local delicacy made using red bean paste, sugar, rice flour and Japanese cinnamon. The result is a crisp cookie made since 1689. A raw version of the treat became available in 1960. The available flavors of Yatsuhashi include cinnamon, sesame, banana, matcha and chocolate. 

Shopping in Kyoto Station

The Cube shopping mall is located on the first floor and two floors in the basement. The mall offers fashion, souvenirs, sweets and candy. Asty Road and Asty Square are located on the south side. Visitors can purchase souvenirs, sweets and clothing. One of the largest department stores is Kyoto Yodobashi. The six-story store is just to the north of Kyoto Tower. There are numerous shops, a cafe, restaurants, bookshop and a British style pub. 

Porta is a shopping mall located beneath the station, offering a connection to the Kyoto Subway Station. One of the most popular electronics stores is called Bic Camera. The store sells every conceivable type of electronics at good prices. The Kyoto store is right next to the station. The northwest side of the building houses the Isetan department store. The store is located on 13 different floors. The store sells brand name goods, clothing, fashion, souvenirs, kimonos, sportswear, jewelry and stationery. 

The Kyoto Avanti shopping mall is generally frequented by the younger generation. The mall stretches from the basement to the sixth floor including a bookstore, restaurants and an extremely wide range of clothing stores. 

Hotels near Kyoto Station

Japaning Hotel Hakkoen is a beautiful, affordable hotel in a great location. The hotel offers easy access to several excellent restaurants. The station is just a ten-minute walk from the hotel. Visitors can easily walk to numerous attractions. The hotel provides air conditioning, a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, Wi-Fi and stove. 

Kyostay Iroha Umekoj offers private apartments ideal for a short stay. The establishment is close to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. The majority of city attractions are within 30 minutes. Each apartment provides air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a kitchenette including a microwave and refrigerator and a private bathroom. The rooms are modern, comfortable and clean. 

The APA Hotel makes it easy to access places and attractions of interest due to the close location to the bus stations, subway and train. The hotel offers massage services, a nice restaurant and free Wi-Fi. Each room includes a television, refrigerator, heating, air conditioning and a work desk. All of the rooms include an en-suite bathroom featuring free toiletries and a hairdryer. The Kyoto Ginyuba Restaurant has a daily breakfast buffet for guests. The hotel staff is both extremely helpful and very cooperative.