Discovering the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku (Tokyo) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. Packed with neon lights, bright decorations, and loud music this restaurant will possibly be the most bizarre and unique dining experience you will ever encounter. This theme dining spot cannot be found anywhere else in the world, it will leave you amazed, and maybe a little confused but definitely satisfied. Make sure to book your tickets in advance because everyone including the locals want to have a piece of the Robot Restaurant.

What is the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo?

There is something you should probably know before visiting… this is not actually a restaurant. We recommend getting a bite before coming as the only food you can expect at the Robot Restaurant is overpriced popcorn, bento boxes and drinks.

When you are in Japan you will not have to worry much about finding a place to eat, there are tons of little restaurants around the Robot Restaurant to fill your tummy. Although the food and snack choices might not be the best, you can expect a wide variety of drinks at the bar. Once you enter the restaurant and wait for your turn to be seated you will be welcomed at the bar where you will be presented with draft and craft beer, cocktails as well as nonalcoholic drinks. Once your turn has come you will be welcomed into an electronic music madness that will be accompanied by neon lights, performers, and all the weirdness you can imagine. The energy of the performers will surprise you, many visitors say that even after weeks of visiting the Robot Restaurant they could still feel the music and rhythm.

Where is the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo?

The easiest and most convenient way to get to the Robot Restaurant is by using your JR Pass and getting to the Shinjuku Station. Once you are at the Shinjuku Station take the east exit, walk to the street crossing, keep in mind not to go underneath the train tracks, but head towards the Kabukicho which is the entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku. When you reach Kabukicho you will see a large road next to the traffic lights and Don Quijote restaurant on your right. If you have managed to get this far, turn to your right and continue walking one block, turn left and walk down the Sakura-Dori Street. You will not be able to miss the Robot Restaurant, the entrance is covered with neon lights and decorations.

Address – Robot Restaurant, 1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan.

How much is the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo?

The main thing you should remember is to buy tickets in advance. Every show is completely packed no matter the season. There are two ways to go, you can either purchase your tickets on the spot, but bear in mind that it won’t guarantee you the seat or you can go the safest and most convenient way and buy your tickets from two main online providers – Klook or Voyagin. Purchasing your tickets online is not only convenient and will guarantee you a seat, but it is also cheaper as these providers offer discounts.

A standard ticket price is JPY8,000 per person and the cheapest shows are usually in early afternoons, if you book through Klook or Voyagin you can get a discount up to 30% off your ticket.
The process is pretty simple, purchase your ticket online, bring your smartphone or a printed voucher and look for one of the staff members that will approve your ticket and exchange it for an official voucher that will allow you to enter.

Do I need to book in advance to visit the Robot Restaurant?

You definitely need to book in advance and avoid purchasing your tickets upon arrival. Not only purchasing your ticket in advance will guarantee you a seat it will also be a lot cheaper.
You can choose from 4 daily performances:

First Performance: 4:00pm
Second Performance: 5:55pm
Third Performance: 7:50pm
Fourth Performance: 9:45 pm

Note that purchasing your ticket is not the only thing you must do in advance, you should also consider dining as well as going to the bathroom before visiting this place. As the Robot Restaurant is not actually a regular restaurant, you should make sure that you eat beforehand, to have the energy to enjoy the show. Make sure to go to the bathroom before the show starts, if you will need to leave the showroom you will not be able to enter and get back to your seat due to safety reasons.

What kind of food can we find?

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo offers some snacks and drinks during the show, however, the place is not about dining at all, it is recommended to have a normal meal before or after the show at one of the nearby restaurants. The food, as well as snacks such as popcorn and drinks, are known to be overpriced at the restaurant. Even though the food from the outside is not allowed in the restaurant, probably the staff will hardly notice if you bring your own cola or water bottle.

Check out these nearby restaurants:

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Kin no Kura – If you are traveling on a budget, this is the right place for you. They offer various dishes and drinks, even western options are available. It also has an all-you-can-drink option that includes cocktails and beer.

Kushiya Monogatari – for those who are dying of hunger. This is an all-you-can-eat deep-fried skewer restaurant. Here you will find fish, meat, vegetables, a salad and a dessert bar, and much more.