Best 3 day trips from Tokyo by bullet train

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is the main hub for transportation to locations all across the country. You can explore much of Japan by the many transportation offerings offered in the capital city. One of the most popular options for exploration are some of the world’s fastest moving trains, bullet trains.

There are many popular destinations that can be reached by bullet train in Japan. The three most popular destinations are Mt Fuji, Hakone and Nikko. Continue reading below to learn how to travel to these three destinations from Tokyo.

How to get to Mt Fuji from Tokyo   

Mt Fuji is a 12,388 foot high mountain like volcano in the heart of Japan. You can climb to the top, explore the lakes around the volcano, visit a hot spring or shop at this beautiful location. Mt Fuji is about 70 miles from Tokyo. There are many ways to reach this destination from Tokyo, whether by bus or train during any season.

Many visitors to Mt Fuji choose to take a bus. There are four major bus stations that you can arrive at from Tokyo including Kawaguchiko Station, Fuji-Q Highland Station, Fuji-San Station and Lake Yamanakako Station. A bus ticket is around eighteen dollars one way and the ride is at least two hours long. Most buses leave in the morning.

There are special buses available too, especially during the climbing season. These include an all inclusive tour bus and a direct bus to the start of the hike. This direct bus will drop you off at the start of the sunrise hike on the Yoshida Trail. It is important to note that the trails are off limit during off season.

Trains, such as the bullet train, are highly encouraged to get to Mt Fuji. They are a bit more expensive but well worth it. The rides are less than two hours long and make multiple stops. Many trains offer a direct link to Mt Fuji from Tokyo. The price is less than forty dollars.

How to get to Hakone from Tokyo

Hakone is a beautiful city in Japan, offering views of Mt Fuji and Lake Ashi. It is about 62 miles west of Tokyo with many going there for day trips and weekend trips. The town offers hot springs and cultural spots such as the Hakone Shrine and Hakone Open Air museum.

Hakone is located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Trains offer the best option for traveling to Takone from Tokyo. There are two lines that will take you to Hakone, the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Odakyu lines.

Take a bullet train on the Tokaido Shinkansen line first to Odawara Station. From there, take a Hakone Tozan train to Hakone-Itabashi Station where you will stop. The trip itself is less than two hours. You will have to buy another ticket for the second train.

You can also take the bullet train on the Odakyu line from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station. There are two options for an express train that is less than ninety minutes or another train that takes around two hours with a change at Odawara Station.

You always have the option of purchasing a Hakone Free Pass. This pass will cover your return trip as well. It will also give you unlimited access to trains and other transportation methods including cable cars and buses. If you do not want to take the train, you could take the Odakyu Hakone highway bus that goes to Kaje Ashi in two hours.

How to get to Nikko from Tokyo   

Nikko is a town with significant history and scenery in the mountains north of Tokyo. It is near the entrance of Nikko National Park which offers mountain views, waterfalls and hot springs. There are hikes offering potential interactions with wild moneys and beautiful religious temples. Toshogu is one of the most beautiful shrines in Nikko, and the town sits on the Romantic Road which is a favorite among locals.

Many individuals travel to Nikko for a day trip as it is less than two hours by train. Passengers can take the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Utsunomiya. The Nikko line will then be taken to Nikko Station.

Express trains are also offered to get to Nikko from the Asakusa Station on the Nikko Express. The trip is done in an hour and forty-five minutes. Highway buses are also an option to get to Nikko if traveling from the airport. It is a one way trip that is three and a half hours long. The Narita Express can be taken from the airport as well via the Tohoku Shinkansen mentioned above.