Discovering Tokyo DisneySea

DisneySea is the world’s only Disney park themed for the sea. Just 15 minutes from Tokyo Station by train, the park features attractions filled with adventure, discovery, and wonder!

The park is part of Tokyo Disney Resort located in Urayasu, Japan – a suburb of Tokyo. It opened in September 2001 and quickly became the fastest park to welcome 10 million guests, reaching the milestone in only 307 days and snatching the record from Universal Studios Japan. In 2018, the park hosted an amazing 14.6 million guests, and it is now the fourth most visited theme park in the world!

What is Tokyo DisneySea?

DisneySea is the sister park to Tokyo Disneyland. The park was designed to cater primarily to adults and provides world-class dining experiences. Visitors also enjoy alcoholic beverages, which are not available at nearby Tokyo Disneyland. 

The park features seven ports of call. Guests can visit:

Mediterranean Harbor

Mediterranean Harbor acts as the entrance to the park and is styled after the beautiful canals of Venice.

Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island is located inside the park’s massive volcano and is themed after Jules Verne’s science fiction novels.

Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon is geared toward young children and plunges visitors into the underwater world of The Little Mermaid.

Arabian Coast

Arabian Coast pulls ushers guests into the magical lands of Aladdin and the Arabian Nights.

Lost River Delta

Lost River Delta whisks guests to an exotic ancient pyramid lost in the Central American jungle. This port is home to The Indiana Jones Adventure ride!

Port Discovery

Port Discovery simulates a futuristic marina. Visitors explore the Seas alongside Nemo and Dory.

American Waterfront

DisneySea’s American Waterfront is modeled after early 20th-century harbor towns found along the New England coast.

How to get to Tokyo DisneySea?

There are three primary ways to get to DisneySea: by train, bus, or car.

By Train:

At Tokyo Station, use the JR Keiyo or the JR Musashino Line to ride to Maihama Station. Both lines take the same amount of time to arrive at Maihama Station, so choose whichever train arrives at Tokyo Station first. Visitors should know that the JR Keiyo and JR Musashino Lines are about a ten-minute walk from Tokyo Station’s other platforms.

From Maihama Station DisneySea is a 15-20 minute walk. Don’t want to walk? Hop on the Disney Resort Line monorail!

By Bus

At Tokyo Station use the Yaesu south entrance/exit and go to bus stop number 5. The trip to DisneySea takes about 25 minutes. To return from the park, board the bus at stop number 2.

Remember, if the bus is full you’ll need to wait for the next bus. This may delay your arrival at the park. Traffic delays may further postpone your arrival, so factor extra time.

By Car

If you’re traveling to the park by car, you want to use the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway’s Bayshore Route.

From the Urayasu exit, it takes about ten minutes to arrive at the DisneySea’s parking areas. Bear in mind that there is a fee to park your car at the park.

Where to buy Tokyo DisneySea tickets?

Purchasing DisneySea tickets at the gate can be a hassle, so it’s recommended that you buy tickets in advance if possible. You can purchase tickets from the park’s official website or other authorized online resellers. You can also purchase park tickets in advance at any Disney Store, or at some convenience stores. There are lots of options!

If you must buy your tickets at the entrance, give yourself enough time to wait in line to buy your tickets, then again to enter the park. This method is not recommended because if the park is extremely crowded on-the-spot ticket sales may be suspended until such time that the park can handle additional guests.

Another option to consider: if you don’t mind having less time to explore the park, discounted tickets are available for late-afternoon entry or entry after 6:00 PM. These can offer you fun in the park for a substantially lower cost!