Japan honeymoon: a dream for many couples

Many couples who have a fascination with the orient have considered a honeymoon experience in Japan. Such a Japan honeymoon trip after your marriage ceremony is a dream come true for countless couples. Japan offers so much more than just the largest metropolitan city in the world in Tokyo. Read on to learn about the essential honeymoon experiences found in Japan. 

Essential honeymoon experiences in Japan

Kyoto is the lovely and ancient city of Japan that remains among the most romantic destinations that you can choose in the whole of Japan. The historical atmosphere is amazing and overwhelms the senses. You can find true peace visiting a Zen garden or bamboo forest, feast on the finest of Japanese haute cuisine (called Kaiseki dining), and be pampered with the finest of Japanese traditional hospitality found in a Ryokan inn

Another traditional slice of Japan that differs considerably from Kyoto is the hidden mountain Hida-Takayama town. The Old Town of Takayama proves to be among the finest preserved of historic settlements in the whole of the country. It causes you to feel like you have taken a journey back into the ancient world. This is also among the exclusive, choice locales for sampling Hida beef, the domestic wagyu rivaling Kobe beef. Only a little ways from Hida-Takayama is found the historic village Shirakawago. This village (with its one of a kind thatched roof farmhouses) has become a UNESCO World Heritage site

Tokyo offers visitors best in class dining and five star hotels. Newlyweds have no shortages of things to do and see in the world’s largest metropolitan city. There are rivers and parks blooming with the pink Sakura trees during the spring, thrilling street festivals over the summer, winter time beautiful holiday lighting known as illumination, and the year-round romantic after dark view of Tokyo Tower.

Best time to honeymoon in Japan

The very best time to visit Japan is in the spring, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The sights and smells of these lovely blooming trees are iconic for the country as a whole. Summer time also offers a range of exciting festivals throughout the capital and the entire country. For those who prefer the magic of a lit up night, winter time is also an intriguing time to visit Tokyo and Japan. 

Get the JR Pass to move around Japan

The easiest way to move around Tokyo is with the JR Pass. The capital city of this country proves to be the most highly densely populated metropolitan area on the planet. Almost 40 million individuals live here. This Tokyo Metropolis covers around 850 square miles (or almost 2,200 square kilometers). The capital’s rich history and culture stem from it being the country’s official center of government from year 1603. The vast capital is made up of 23 different wards, all of which function as individual cities. 

Using the JR Pass, it is easy to move around Tokyo. It opens up the trains, Metro, and other forms of transportation (such as busses). Using this Japanese Rail Pass and a travel guide, you can quickly navigate the stations and streets of Tokyo as if you have lived here for years. The JR Pass delivers extensive access to the five primary Tokyo railway lines. You are able to get in and out of Tokyo using the majority of the Shinkansen lines in Japan. In the city proper, the Tokaido Shinkansen stops at the Tokyo, Ueno, and Shinagawa stations. 

The most famous rail line of Tokyo is the Yamanote Line. This 21.5 mile loop line (which is 34.5 kilometers) goes through all of the city centers of Tokyo as well as many stations like Ueno, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya Stations. You can fully appreciate the various sections of the city by riding around the whole Yamanote Line. This only requires about an hour of your time to do. One train station that you should not miss is Shinjuku Station. This is the busiest train station on earth. It connects the most JR and private lines and handles over 3.5 million passengers each day.