5 Best Japanese capsule hotels

The capsule or also known as the pod hotel is one of the most modern, cheap, and creative Japanese hospitality innovations. Capsule hotels come with basic amenities such as bed, storage space, TV, air conditioning as well as shared kitchen and bathrooms. Capsule hotels are loved by those who are traveling on a budget and prefer a more minimalistic and simple way of traveling.

Most hostels in Japan come with separate female and male sections, floors, or buildings. A capsule hotel can consist anywhere from 50 and up to 700 capsules. If you do not mind sleeping together with hundreds of strangers and in cramped spaces this cheap option might be just for you.

1. First Cabin Tsukiji

First Cabin Tsukiji is a luxurious capsule hotel in Tsukiji. This hotel comes with pods where you can fully stand up and move around. Your pod will contain a single or semi-double bed, depending on the room type you can even expect storage space in your capsule, a little night table, light as well as towels and pajamas. First Cabin Tsukijihas free wifi, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping and wake up service.

First Cabin Tsukiji offers: female and male – Business class, first-class, standard single room, and double executive pods. Check-ins start at 5 pm and check outs end at 10 pm, the hotel also serves breakfast but is not included in the room fee. This hotel will definitely allow you to travel on a budget and style.

Address: 2-11-10 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0045.

2. Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is a women-only hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo. Perfectly located in the city center this hotel will allow you to reach all the touristic hotspots without any trouble. Your pod will come in a bunk bed style, you will be provided with a single bed, clothes rack, towels, linens, and a shared bathroom. Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya also provides free wifi, a computer room, and a little hangout space. Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya offers a simple shared room with 24 capsules which were renovated in 2016. Check-ins start at 5 pm and check outs end at 10 am, the hotel does not serve breakfast you can visit the nearest 7 eleven. This hotel also doubles as laundromat so you never have to worry about dirty laundry.

Address: 10-5, Shinsen, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0045.

3. Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori

Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori is perfect for those who have come to Japan in order to explore Osaka. Your pod will come with air conditioning, heating, alarm clock, a TV as well as towels and linens. Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori consists of 7 floors and 230 male and female capsules. Check-ins start at 3 pm and check outs end at 11 am, the hotel does not serve breakfast but you can purchase snacks at the vending machines or walk to the nearest convenience store.

Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori also provides free wifi and a shared bathroom. The staff at Astil Dotonbori speaks English, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Chinese. You can access the Osaka Namba train station only in 3 minutes and the JR Namba Station in only 5 minutes. For a delicious dinner, you can visit the Nippon Doutonbori Honten to try a Japanese traditional meal.

Address: 2-2-20 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Namba, Osaka, Japan, 542-0071.

4. Centurion Cabin and Spa Akasaka

Centurion Cabin and Spa Akasaka is a women-only hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo. With a very convenient location, this hotel is loved by many female travelers. This traditional Japanese style capsule hotel is not only aesthetically pleasing it also comes with a hot spring bath and sauna which is very unique amongst other capsule hotels. Centurion Cabin and Spa Akasaka come with 32 capsules divided into 5 floors. The Centurion Cabin and Spa Akasaka allows you to store your luggage, do your laundry, and keeps your pod clean with daily housekeeping services. The staff at Centurion Cabin and Spa Akasaka speaks Japanese and English and will always be happy to assist you if you need help or any advice on places to visit around Akasaka. You can reach the Akasaka Mitsuke Subway station in 4 minutes and the Akasaka Train Station in only 3 minutes.

Address: 4-2-4 Akasaka, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan, 107-0052.

5. Hotel Zen Tokyo

Hotel Zen Tokyo in Nihonbashi area, it is a conveniently located hotel in the heart of Nihonbashi. You can book superior mixed rooms, only female or male rooms, standard capsule rooms, deluxe corner rooms with showers or corner rooms. Depending on the type you can choose a pod with a high ceiling, floor space, and your own private bathroom. It is said that the Zen Tokyo mattresses are the comfiest you can find amongst other capsule hotels. Zen Tokyo hotel consists of a total of 80 rooms, a restaurant, vending machines, a bar, and breakfast service. You will find the Ningyocho Subway Station only 80 meters away and the Suitengumae Subway Station only 5 minutes away from the hotel. Zen Tokyo also provides 24-hour security and laundromat services.

Address: 1-5-8 Ningyocho Nihonbashi, Tokyo Station, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0013.