Super Nintendo World in Japan

Universal Studios Parks announced just a year and a half ago that they had signed a Super Mario of a deal with Nintendo. They were given the exclusive rights to build the world’s first Super Nintendo parks, heavily themed on the Mario games. Nintendo fans, particularly those that grew up on Mario and Donkey Kong games, and younger fans just discovering Super Mario worlds, are very excited to say the least. Here is what you should expect from the first of three Nintendo parks opening in Osaka, Japan, with two more Nintendo Worlds opening in America in the next three years.

Imagine if all of your Super Mario World games and characters came to life. They all existed in three-dimensional space with you, and you could walk through Bowser’s castle, hug Princess Peach, and race Mario and Luigi around a Super Mario Kart racetrack.

That is exactly what you are getting when you enter Super Nintendo World in Japan this summer (2020). All the vibrant colors and fully realized video game concepts exist here. Even the piranha plants, chain chomps, and mushroom goombas will be everywhere for incredible photo opportunities.

When will Super Nintendo World open?

Opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan is slated to open in Summer of 2020, two weeks before the 2020 Olympics, which also opens in Japan. The city of Osaka is going to be packed with tourists for the first week of the Olympics, which means that hotels will be quite full. Be sure to book far in advance so that you are not competing with all of the tourists who are there seeking lodging for the Olympics. 

If you are going to be there for the Olympics opening as well, go one to two weeks before just to check out all of Mario World at Universal Studios Japan. Make it a two or three-week extravaganza. (As an added bonus, it is rumored that Super Mario will make an appearance in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, so you might not want to skip the Olympics either!).

Super Nintendo World attractions

As previously mentioned, there will be an area where you can race real Mario Karts that look just like the ones from the game. A meet and greet with many costumed characters around that area of the park will also be available. A Yoshi Adventure ride takes you up, down and around another area of the park.

Special armbands transform you into an interactive player in the park competing for coins and Nintendo treasures. Your special armbands also double as your entrance tickets into this part of the Universal Studios theme park worlds. Be sure to stop at many of the food stands, which will feature (what else?) Mario’s favorite foods like pizza and spaghetti with cake for dessert! That is just the tip of the iceberg and you will not want to miss the rest.

Super Nintendo World tickets

It is expected that entrance into the world of Super Mario will be included with the cost of Universal Studios tickets and the standard pricing in yen for the Japanese version of the popular theme park franchise. However, there are contests running up until the opening via different venues where you might be able to win advance opening tickets and a paid trip to Japan. You will have to watch for these trips/contests.

There is also a rumor that Universal Studios might sell some advance entrance tickets that allow a few thousand lucky Mario and Nintendo fans entry into this park ahead of everyone else. It is similar to a promo done by competing Disney theme parks for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and their very popular Milennium Falcon ride. If they do follow through on this, you can bet that a lot of gamers and gaming fans will be scrambling to get those tickets at any price.