Universal Studios in Japan

Universal Studios Japan is touted by many as the greatest Universal theme park in the world. While the park does not have Hollywood history, on-site resorts or the tram tour system as in Universal Studios Orlando. It has been voted TripAdvisor’s number 1 theme park in Japan. The park has an incredible selection of attractions including family/kiddie rides, roller coasters, and action-packed entertainment. Its attractions are sure to please fun-loving guests of all ages.

Theming at Universal Studios in Japan is very similar to Universal Studios Orlando. Hollywood, New York, and San Francisco. Don’t miss out on these excellent photo opportunities!

Main areas

Universal Wonderland: The main children’s rides are contained in the themed Universal Wonderland section. This section is divided into three distinct areas, perfect for the little ones. Universal Wonderland features kiddie rides based off of classic character favorites. The kids will love Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, and Snoopy with an array of ‘Peanuts’ characters. The whole family will find the ‘Despicable Me’ ride entertaining, with its excellent theming and vibrant creative elements.

Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey: Upon entering the castle, you’ll know you’ve stepped into another world. From talking portraits and the Mirror of Erised to the Herbology Gardens of Professor Sprouts. Your journey through Hogwarts includes magical stops through the Main Hall, the Astronomy Tower, the Forbidden Forest, and across the Black Lake.

Hollywood Dream: This popular rollercoaster ride features a spectacular backdrop, and lets you pick your choice of music as you soar through the attraction. 

Jaws: Popular ride based on the classic movie. Universal Studios in Japan the only place in the world where you can still experience this close encounter with the infamous shark Jaws.

The Amazing of Adventures of SpiderMan: Delve into an unforgettable 3D experience with this classic comic book superhero, but be mindful that this attraction’s storyline is entirely in Japanese.

The Flying Dinosaur: An absolute must for thrill seekers! You’ll be suspended in midair (face-down) and will experience the world’s longest roller coaster track, The Flying Dinosaur is Universal Japan’s most intense ride.

Jurassic Park River Adventures: This water ride adventure immerses you in a natural dinosaur habitat from 65 million years ago. If you sit in your river raft’s front end, you will likely get soaked!

Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Review: offers high-energy fun. The show takes place in a full-scale theatre which comes as a nice escape and weather conditions become uncomfortable outside.

Waterworld: One of the best stunt shows in the world. The WaterWorld show features live action feats, spectacular stunts, and engaging pyrotechnics.

Opening hours and tickets

Universal Studios Japan opens between 8:30-9:30am each day, and closes between 7:00-9:00pm. Hours are longer on weekends and most public holidays.

As of 2020, admission tickets cost $105.00 USD daily. Guided tour of the park starts around $128.44 per person. Express passes are available for purchase, with different tiers. For an additional $15, purchase VIP seating for the brand new Universal Spectacle Night Parade.

The staff are mostly multi-lingual and accommodate English-speaking guests. Maps for English-speaking guests are available at Guest Relations, located at the left side of the park. It is recommended to arrive at the park gates approximately 15 minutes early. If possible, try to arrive at the park an hour early. Head to your favorite attractions first, or just bolt off to the very back of the park if you arrived early. 

Important events

Universal Studios Japan features a lot of unique events and experiences:

Attack on Titan XR: Combines a thrill ride on tracks and a virtual reality experience. Riders encounter popular characters face-to-face!

Winter in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: A holiday celebration unlike any other, this winter event displays festive decorations, tasty treats, and special performances. including a magical nighttime display Hogwart’s castle becomes a magical display by night, with projection imagery and actual snowfall. 

Universal Cool Japan Summer: In 2020, guests will encounter four all-new attractions and shows based on popular Japanese anime and video games. The event will have character themed merchandise and food.

Lupin the Third: The Live: For a limited time, Lupin the Third will offer guests an exciting “XR Ride,” and a creatively themed restaurant.

Universal’s Spectacle Night Parade:Enjoy engaging characters and spectacular special effects. The parade’s use of projection mapping technology casts lighting and imagery against the buildings. This projection mapping technique seems to be the future of parades to come. 

Detective Conan: The World: Four new experiences will give guests the chance to crack unsolved mysteries. As the largest Conan attraction, guests will be thrilled to work with Conan and Akai.