The Japan Rail Pass (also commonly called JR Pass) is a very cost-effective rail ticket which can be used for long-distance train travels everywhere in Japan. It ensures unlimited use of JR trains, as well as the JR bus services, throughout the country. You can choose to obtain an Ordinary pass or the Green pass.


The Green Pass gives you a First class ticket, it guarantees access to the spacious seating areas on all bullet trains and assures a comfortable ride.

The Green Japan Rail Pass is a great idea if you are planning to visit Japan during busy periods (May, August, and September) besides the comforts the green cars offer, it is also mostly not as busy as standard trains, which reassures to have a seat available.

The JR trains have reserved and non-reserved seating, if you wish to make a reservation you can do so by visiting the designated station ticketing office. Whether you reserve a seat or not you will need to present your JR Pass when departing. Some trains require seat reservations, once all the seats have been booked you may purchase standing tickets.


To book your seat- provide the number of passengers, pick the date of your journey, the station for your departure and destination, type of the car and you are all set. 

Keep in mind-

-The Shinkansen -bullet trains only have reserved seating so be sure to book your seat in advance. 

-The Tokaido Shinkansen -during the rush hour Kodama train offers only non-reserved seats.

-If you have chosen not to board the chosen train where you have obtained the booking we recommend canceling your seat as it will allow other passengers to book the seat instead.

-The seat reservations on JR Trains are mostly optional. Some trains such as the Shinkansen bullet trains will require mandatory seat booking, some lines will not have seat booking available at all. Many trains do not require the booking a seat as they are only busy during the holiday season, our team recommends booking a seat if you have chosen to travel in groups or you wish to travel with your family, if you hold a Japan Rail Pass this service is free and only takes you a few minutes.