Who is eligible for the Japan Rail pass?

All foreign visitors who have obtained a Japanese Tourist Visa are eligible to apply for a JR pass. Japanese Tourist Visa holders may stay in Japan for a maximum 90 days. Permanent residents such as foreign workers, interns and students who have a residence permit will not be able to obtain a Japan Pass Rail. The only visa which gives you the possibility to obtain a Japan Rail Pass is the Tourist visa.

Japanese nationals

The Japan Rail Pass is only available for non-Japanese nationals who visit Japan for short tourism visits of 15 or 90 days and Japanese nationals living outside Japan who meet certain conditions. The Japan Rail Pass is not eligible to purchase for Japanese nationals who live in Japan. Citizens from the 68 countries are exempt from a Tourist visa to enter Japan. Those will not have to obtain a Tourist visa in advance as they will receive a visa-on-arrival stamp.

The visa on arrival will be given to the visitors from the countries listed below who will be traveling under one of the following purposes:

-Family visits

Please check the list below to make sure that you are visa exempt:

The Japan Rail Pass is not eligible to purchase for Japanese nationals who live in Japan.

You will not be able to obtain the JR pass if you are a visa holder of any other entry status or visa type regardless of duration.

· Visas which allow to stay in Japan for more than 90 days
· Student visa
· Permanent residency visa
· Tokubetsu Eijuken holders (Special permanent residency visa)
· Entertainer visa
· Working holiday visa
· Military entry status

However, Japanese people living abroad can apply for a Japan Rail Pass only if they are permanent residents of any country other than Japan for at least 10 years.

Dual citizenship

Citizens with double citizenship are eligible for the Japan Rail Pass, as long as they use their non-Japanese passport to enter the country. Travelers who enter Japan for tourist or leisure purposes will receive a Tourist Visa stamp at the passport control upon their arrival in Japan. If you travel to Japan with your Japanese passport or have chosen any other purpose of travelling than tourism and leisure, you will not receive the Tourist visa stamp which will result in Japan Rail pass denial.

The Japanese citizens will need to have a valid Japanese passport and a written proof which can be obtained at the Embassy in the foreign country where they live to prove that they have been living abroad for at least 10 years, the same rule applies for the family members of the applicant, if you can provide the residency registration of a foreign country this registration will be valid for your family members too.

The copy of the Overseas Residential Registration and the Certificate of Overseas Residence must be stamped with the name of the issuing embassy or delegation abroad and the date of issue, which must not exceed 6 months prior to the date of purchase of the Exchange Order. This stamp must be included. If the date of issue is not prior to the purchase date (JR PASS issue date), the exchange will not take place.

Eligibility verification

Japan Rail Pass is a special multi-use discounted ticket valid on all JR trains, buses, and ferry services. It is available to all non-Japanese nationals who wish to visit Japan for tourism and leisure purposes as well as Japanese passport holders who have a dual citizenship or a proof of a foreign country residency where they have lived in for at least 10 years.

All tourists must have a Tourist Visa stamped in their passport. Without the Tourist Visa you will not be able to obtain your Japan Rail Pass.

Two types of Tourist Visa:
- For a stay of 15 days or less
- For a stay of 90 days or less

Foreign passport holders who pick the reason of travelling – tourism or sightseeing will be granted a Tourist visa stamp. If the traveler has chosen to enter Japan with reasons like – studies, employment, training, military etc., will be denied of the tourist stamp which will not allow you to apply for the Japan Rail Pass. Please make sure that all the documents you provide to apply for your Japanese Rail Pass are originals, you cannot use photocopies.

If you have any further questions regarding your eligibility our team will answer your questions, feel free to contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team. Our International Customer Service Centre is ready to help you with your JPR emergency.