The Japan Rail is a cost-effective rail ticket which can be used for long-distance train travels everywhere in Japan. The pass can be utilized only by foreign visitors who hold a Tourist visa and plan on staying in Japan for no longer than 90 days. It ensures unlimited use of JR trains, as well as the JR bus services, throughout the country. The Pass can be obtained for one, two or three weeks. Foreign citizens planning on visiting Japan can apply for their Japan Rail Pass on our website.

The application process for Japan Rail Pass online only takes a few minutes and our customer support agents will guide you through the application process. Visitors can easily obtain the pass by filling a simple online application form and get it delivered directly at their door.

Using your Japan Rail pass is extremely easy - order online, exchange the voucher at any of the JR Offices and start using your JR Pass on your chosen date.

Please note that the delivery time may vary, depending on the customer's mailing address, bank holidays, the time we received your order or any other issues related to transportation.