Once in Japan it would be a smart move to download the Hyperdia app on your device. Hyperdia will help you to get from one place to another with ease. It is easy to use, you simply have to type your current location and your future destination, Hypersdia will suggest you various ways how to get there, it will also predict the duration, price, and transfers of your travel. Hyperdia is an internet platform, to use it you have to have access to the internet on your device while traveling.

What is Hyperdia?

Hyperdia is an online transportation platform that introduces Japanese public transportation routes and schedules. It is not a secret that Japan is also famous for its extraordinary, very extensive and convenient railway and highway system reaching the most distant places in Japan. It is a fact worth mentioning that traveling around the country of Japan is mainly easier than other places in the world regarding its impressive train network. As Hyperdia has its interface in English it is well adjusted to travelers from all over the world. Hyperdia is even more useful to foreign visitors as the majority of sightseeing points are based near the train stations. Only Hyperdia offers an option to ignore Nozomi and Mizuho trains while searching for the best route, and this way makes it perfect for Japan Rail Pass holders to find routes that are available with their passes.

Hyperdia timetable and route search

Firstly you should learn the name of the nearest train stations both to your area and destination, you can also check it on Google maps. Once you have this information type it in the appropriate search box. Once you insert first letters Hyperdia will give you a drop-list of station names, press on the one you need. Make sure you have selected the right stations, note that some stations have the same name. However, Hyperdia has some tags which help to differentiate the stations with the same names. Furthermore, if you are looking at destinations for the future, you need to select the appropriate date and time. By clicking on the more options button you can choose the preferred type of transport as well as view your detour options. Once you are ready to press on “search” and you will get 5 possible options to choose the best for you.

How to read Hyperdia train times

Hyperdia is the most popular Japanese online transportation tool, which helps you to accurately arrange your journeys in Japan from point A to point B, it also tells you the precise timing. Hyperdia gives you accurate information on schedules, platforms, travel duration and distance, which will help you to plan your trip incredibly easy. Hyperdia app, as well as the website, are extremely easy to navigate and understand. In Japan, public transportation is very punctual for this reason you can count on Hiperdia while organizing your travel. Hyperdia can be referred as a guide, which will lead you to any destination in Japan. Hyperdia also suggests other useful data, such as restaurants, hotels, car rentals nearby or at any selected locations.

How to use Hyperdia

Once you are at hyperdia.com you can choose the language between Japanese, English, and Chinese. After the website has turned to the selected language you must type the name of the station which you are going to depart from, then insert the name of the station at your destination point. Once this is done you must select your departure date and time. If you click on “more options” button you will be allowed to enter detour stations, also you can choose the type of transport, you can choose between: airplane, airport shuttle bus, bullet train, Shinkansen trains, Limited express, express, Liner, Walk, Local train, Japan Railway, private railway or Sleeper Express. When all the adjustments have been made and you are ready to view your route options, press “search”. You will be presented with 5 routes, on the top of each route you can find route information: duration, price, transfer information. Choose the most suitable route and you are good to go!

Alternatives to Hyperdia

If for some reason you do not want/can use Hyperdia or the website is down, if you are worried that you will not manage to read and understand Japanese writings and as a consequence you might get lost in the huge Tokyo underground, you can relax as there are several apps and websites that will help you navigate while in Japan. We present you a list of the apps and websites that we recommend using to make your traveling easier:

- Hyperdia by voice;
- Japan Navitime
- Jorudan
- Google maps
- Trip Advisor
- GuruNavi

Note that most of the applications are supported by iOS and Android, however, you must make sure to have pocket wifi or Japanese SIM to be able to use these apps and websites.