As Japanese living standards are high, even the ordinary pass allows you to travel comfortably. The JR Green Pass is extremely popular among foreign travelers, considering the comfort it offers and not to mention it is a good value for money. Japan Rail Green Pass is a first-class ticket which allows passengers to enjoy the most comfortable and best seats on all Shinkansen bullet trains and certain fast lines. 

The ordinary pass gives you an opportunity to travel in a more economical way while it still allows accessing most of the train lines. Although the Japan Rail Pass covers most of the lines, please note that there might be some exceptions. With your Japan Rail Pass you are allowed to travel on the following lines:


-JR Rail Network

-JR Kyushu

-JR Shikoku

-JR West

-JR Center

-JR East

-JR Hokkaido

-Local Trains

-Express Trains

-Fast Bullet Trains

- JR Limited express

- The Narita – Tokyo Express

- The JR Osaka Loop Line

-Tokyo Monorail (to and from Haneda airport)

-Shinkansen bullet trains


Your Japan Rail Pass also covers some of the non-JR trains – Aoimori, IR Ishikawa and Ainokaze Toyama Railway.


Japan Rail Pass exceptions


-Your Japan Rail Pass will cover the Shinkansen rail line, although keep in mind that your pass will not cover the fastest -Nozomi and Mizuho on the following routes: Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen.

Nonetheless, the Japan Rail pass can be used on most of the lines it is important to note that – Aomori, Ainokaze and IR Ishikawa lines have their individual cases where your trip might not be covered by your Japan Rail pass, if you have chosen to travel on these lines please pay attention to the stations where you choose to get off.

-The express bus lines, tram lines, and subway lines are not covered by your JRP.

-The night train is covered by your Japan Rail Pass, but the ticket will not be valid for the private and sleeper cabins.

-JR train that uses non-Japan Rail tracks will require an extra fee and additional ticket.


To make sure your Japan Rail Pass will cover your trip you can download the JRPASS Map where you can easily search the station of your destination if the station is not on the map the JR Pass will not cover your trip and you will need to buy a separate non-JR ticket.


The Japan Rail pass will also allow you to obtain free seat reservations as well as get discounts at any JR hotel.


The decision comes down to the price, the ordinary passes are cheaper and allow you to travel without reservation, Green Pass will let you enjoy the most comfort. 


At first, many travelers might think that getting around Tokyo is complicated and time-consuming, but the public transport system is so advanced that travelers can enjoy a smooth and easy journey around Tokyo as well as connecting cities. The Japan Rail Pass will certainly help tourists navigate this busy city without any problems.