The Japanese Rail Pass is available to all foreign visitors who have obtained a Japanese Tourist Visa. Holders of Japanese Tourist Visa may stay in Japan for a maximum 90 days.

Permanent residents such as foreign workers, interns, and students who have a residence permit will not be able to obtain a Japan Rail Pass.

The only visa which allows you to obtain a Japan Rail Pass is the Tourist visa 

Visa Exempt Countries


Citizens from 68 countries are exempt from a Tourist visa to enter Japan. Citizens that are exempt from a Japanese visa, will not have to obtain a Tourist visa in advance as they will receive a visa-on-arrival stamp. The visa on arrival will be given to the visitors from the countries listed below who will be traveling under one of the following purposes: Tourism, Commerce, Conferences and Family visits.

Please check the list below to make sure that you are visa-exempt:

 All European Union citizens

 Brunei (15 days)
 Costa Rica
 Dominican Republic
El Salvador
 Hong Kong
 New Zealand
 North Macedonia
 San Marino
 South Korea
 Thailand (15 days)
 United States

 The Japan Rail Pass is not available to purchase for Japanese nationals who reside in Japan. However, Japanese people living abroad can apply for a Japan Rail Pass only if they are permanent residents of any country other than Japan for at least 10 years.