1.1. Application

These terms and conditions are intended to regulate the relationship between the owner of this business, LEADING2APPS (hereinafter, “LEADING2APPS”) and its Users or Clients, by virtue of all transactions made through this Website (from now on, “the Website”, or “Platform”).
As stated in the Legal Notice, this platform belongs to the owner, who is up to date with their tax and fiscal obligations.
To contact our team, you can do so by using the following contact information:

VAT number: B66686676
Address: Carrer Electrònica 19, 2D, Badalona 08915, Spain
Phone number: +34936817296

Our Website offers the Japan Rail Pass. In this way, any transaction you make through our platform implies you must consider and accept, where appropriate, these Terms and Conditions.

We inform you that the online contracting of our services, offered through this platform, are subject to other applicable legal notices, such as the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy. Thus, in the event that there is a conflict between those legal notices and these terms and conditions, the latter will always prevail.

1.2. Essential terms for greater understanding

Client User: Individual who contracts the services of LEADING2APPS.

Information petitioner: Individual who accesses LEADING2APPS’ website and requests information about the services the company offers through the contact form, if available, or contacts LEADING2APPS through the corporate email address.

Platform: Website, associated with these terms and conditions, which facilitates the fulfillment of transactions and presents information of interest to its Users.
Transaction: operations carried out through our platform.

Visitor: Individual who simply navigates through the Website.

1.3. Contracting of our Services

The contracting of our Services can be carried out by any user who desires them or needs them, as long as they are over 18 years old and have the legal capacity to act.

If you apply through an application form, these terms and conditions will apply.


2.1. Reading and acceptance of the terms and conditions

2.1.1. Application

Before proceeding with the contracting of our services, it is necessary that you provide all the relevant data we request, in accordance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, 27th April 27, this being essential to the correct processing of our service.

If you authorize us at the time of application, we can also send you, where appropriate, any offer, promotion or information that may interest you or manage any other information that may be necessary, as you have allowed.

From LEADING2APPS we establish a personalized relationship with Users to inform them of news and changes in services, among others; situations you accept by validating these conditions.

2.2. Acceptance of the transaction and these terms and conditions

Under the Law 34/2002, July 11th, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the confirmation of services’ contracting will be carried out through the activation of the option "I have read, and I accept the terms and conditions" that will appear before you proceed to finish the application.

Once all the mandatory fields required by our platform and the online application procedure are completed, as a User, you sign a contract with LEADING2APPS.

2.3. Responsibilities

2.3.1. Users’ responsibilities

(1) User guarantees, under their own responsibility, the accuracy of the information provided, expressly exempting LEADING2APPS from the consequences and damages that any inaccuracy in the information may cause to third parties.

(2) In the case of any loss or theft of the access codes, unauthorized use of, as well as any security breach of the same that the User has been made aware of; the user is obliged to notify the incident to LEADING2APPS immediately.

2.3.2. Responsibilities and exemptions of Platform’s owner

(1) The owner of this platform does not assume the obligation or have the technical means to verify the identity of the Users. Therefore, the owner will not be responsible in any case when there is a case of usurpation of User’s identity.

(2) With this in mind, LEADING2APPS reserves the right to refuse any request whose content does not conform to the purposes of this platform, so it is up to the User to ensure that the transaction they intend to carry out is in accordance with these terms and conditions, and does not violate any of the application rules that are required.

2.4. Meaning of the Acceptance

The acceptance of these terms and conditions implies:

(1) That you can operate within the platform as a User and carry out the transactions that interest you, following the guidelines established in these terms and conditions and on the Platform.

(2) That you commit yourself to comply with these conditions and respect them as your sole responsibility.
We inform you that, for legal reasons, we have the confirmation made at the time of contracting our services through the validation, or “click”, at the time of contracting. Therefore, we are certain of when you have accepted our terms and conditions.

2.5. Requirement for contracting: age of majority

Be warned that in order to be a User and/or Client of our platform and use our services, you must be at least of legal age according to the legislation of your country.
Please, if you detect that a minor has hired any of our services, please let us know as soon as possible and notify info@japanrail-pass.com as soon as you can.


As stated in point 1, the main service we offer from LEADING2APPS and object of the present website is the Japan Rail Pass.


4.1. Prices

The browsing of the Website is totally free.
The details of the price we apply to this transaction are determined in the purchase summary or in the detail of the contract that you will be able to view after accepting and formalizing it. As a User you will be able to see the detail of the prices that will be applied.

4.2. Applicable taxes and additional charges

4.2.1. Price and taxes applicable to services

The prices listed on japanrail-pass.com will be converted from Japanese Yens, consequently, the foreign exchange rate can change periodically. We aim to provide the most updated currency rates, nevertheless, we will not be liable for any unpredicted changes to the currency rates or price amendments, implemented by Japanese officials.
LEADING2APPS will apply, to the services and amounts established, the tax that applies at each moment according to the law and the relevant withholding tax, if applicable.
In the event that a tax is applicable it will be broken down for you when you contract the service after accepting and validating it, so that you are aware of the cost.


5.1. Applicable conditions to contracted services

5.1.1. Right to modify prices

LEADING2APPS reserves the right to modify the cost of the services offered.

5.2. Website’s applicable conditions

(1) Transaction’s final price.
The final price of the transaction will be indicated on the payment form before payment is made.

(2) Terms of delivery on the purchased items.
All shipments are carried out using DHL. The standard shipping time to dispatch products is 2 business days (Mon-Fri), which may vary depending on the destination of the delivery and availability of the product in stock.
We will do our best to deliver the products at the agreed time. Nonetheless, we will not be responsible for delayed deliveries which are caused by factors beyond our control.
Please bear in mind that LEADING2APPS will not be liable for loss or damage of parcel as a result of incomplete or inaccurate address. The Client will be responsible to provide us with the correct and valid information, in order to receive updates regarding his parcel.
Any amends concerning address or other shipping details may be sent to info@japanrail-pass.com.

(3) Territory where we offer our services.


6.1. What steps should you take when using LEADING2APPS’ website?

Once you access our website you will see the relevant section on which you click on to start using the website's functionalities for the contracting of our services. This will normally be done by filling in a form.
After this, you must read the terms and click on the box to indicate that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.


7.1. Payment methods

LEADING2APPS accepts payments with Mastercard, Visa and PayPal.
LEADING2APPS has enabled a payment terminal from the company Ingenico Group, through which, as a User, you will be able to make payments for services once you have contracted them.

7.2. Security measures applicable to payment methods

LEADING2APPS applies the security measures inherent to Ingenico Group's payment service regulated in its Legal Texts.

7.3. Billing

Our website, by default, issues a receipt or ticket for the service you have contracted.

The company directly responsible for charging is Idducys Gestión S.L (B66658170), which is part of the same business group as Leading2Apps.


8.1. Users’ Duties

(1) Users agree not to violate any of the conditions applicable to them under these terms or any other legal notices applicable to this website.

(2) The User also undertakes to respect all the provisions of this text and, in particular, the provisions of the Code of Conduct in this document.


(1) LEADING2APPS shall be entitled to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the image of this Website (design, image, presentation and configuration or operation) as well as the content thereof and the functionalities included, and may remove, modify and/or add, or subject certain aspects to specific conditions without this entailing any alteration of the agreements or the commercial relationship between LEADING2APPS and the User.
(2) In order to obtain the best effectiveness of the Website, LEADING2APPS may deny or restrict access to Users who do not respect these conditions without the need for prior notification.
(3) In addition to the present conditions, for the access and use of the Platform the rest of the legal texts indicated in the present conditions must be respected.
(4) LEADING2APPS reserves the right to modify or interrupt, wholly or partly, the access to the system temporarily when required by the system for maintenance, updating or repairing. As far as possible, we will notify our Users of such situations in advance.


(1) As a Customer, the User is obliged to make lawful use of our services without infringing the current legislation or harming the rights and interests of third parties.

(2) Likewise, the User guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the data provided when filling out the contracting forms, avoiding any damages to LEADING2APPS or to the other Users due to its inaccuracy.

(3) When contracting our services, the User must always be of legal age, this is an indispensable requirement for contracting.

(4) User will also be responsible for respecting the conditions and form or execution of the service detailed in the applicable particular conditions, where appropriate, as well as in our community rules or code of conduct.

(5) Failure to comply with any of these Conditions may result in the withdrawal or cancellation of the services by LEADING2APPS without prior notice and without entitling the User to any compensation.


(1) LEADING2APPS does not control the actuality, veracity or exactness of any of the data published by the Users on the Website and, therefore, in no case, will LEADING2APPS be responsible for information that is not; exact, true, nor current, or derived from an error in the source of which that information was extracted.
In this way, LEADING2APPS will not be held responsible, in any case, for:
Errors or confusion related to; names, data or information derived from errors on the original pages, or sources, that may have been consulted by the User prior to using LEADING2APPS to carry out the appropriate transaction.
Misuse or abuse by the User of the information obtained from our services, such as misinterpretations thereof, or misinterpretations or misuse of the information extracted from another website.


12.1. Users who can use the Website
All Users must be persons with legal capacity who have reached the appropriate age.

12.2. Users’ code of conduct

12.2.1. General common duties for all Users

(1) Users declare under their own responsibility that they will act in compliance with applicable regulations in a responsible, respectful, diligent manner and in good faith.
(2) In the event that the User has access to confidential information of LEADING2APPS or another user, the User agrees to use it exclusively for the purposes for which it was disclosed, always respecting such confidentiality.
(3) In the event that the Users detect any anomaly or malfunction of the Website or services offered by LEADING2APPS, the User may notify LEADING2APPS of this via the following email: info@japanrail-pass.com.
(4) Regarding the use or publication, if any, of content by Users, they shall undertake to respect the following rules or standards:
Respect the rights of the owner of the Website and the rights of third parties related to intellectual and industrial property, described in the Legal Notice.
To have the corresponding authorization in case of publishing images or contents of third parties or minors.
To be responsible for the damages caused to third parties by the violation of industrial and intellectual property rights and to maintain LEADING2APPS unharmed at all times.
To comply with each of the rules and procedures established in this document and in the Legal Notice.
To respect the rights of third parties and other Users.

12.2.2. Forbidden conducts for all Users
The User is expressly prohibited from engaging in the conducts described below:
(1) The User may not use the Website without having sufficient capacity to do so.
(2) The User may not create false identities, act on behalf of others without power enough or legitimation and/or impersonate others, in the same way as illegal use of data. In this regard, under no circumstances may the services of the Website be used to access or attempt to access the accounts of other Users; penetrate, or attempt to penetrate the security measures of LEADING2APPS, the software or physical equipment of another entity, the electronic communications system, or the telecommunications system.
(3) It is not permitted to enter false data; your data must be completely accurate and truthful.
(4) The User may not misrepresent the truth, forge documents, signatures, or violate applicable laws, regulations or standards. In particular, the Website may not be used for purposes related to child pornography, child abuse, mistreatment, affecting minors, their relatives and/or third parties.
(5) The User may not violate the predetermined rules and processes for access and use of the Website or employ methods that may cause damage to the Website or to the systems of third parties.
(6) The User may not use the Website for purposes other than those for which it is intended.
(7) It is not permissible to transmit information through the Website, nor to commercialize with material, products or services of any kind or nature that is illegal, injurious, defamatory, harmful, vulgar, obscene or in any other reprehensible way. In this sense, neither may the User use disrespectful language, content and graphics that affect the rights of our other Clients, Users and/or third parties.
(8) The User may not transmit any material that harasses another user and/or third parties.
(9) The User may not transmit any material (via email, forums, comments) that threatens, encourages, or causes damage or destruction of any property or person.
(10) The User may not use the website of LEADING2APPS to transmit any content that is considered adult or pornographic, such as explicit sex scenes, full nudity, etc.
(11) It is not permitted to transmit the insertion of commercial messages or advertisements without the compliance of legal requirements and/or which is considered to be spamming and/or to carry out spamming behavior (sending of spam or unsolicited messages).
(12) It is forbidden to use material that violates and/or affects intellectual and industrial property rights (brands, trade names, slogans, photographs, contents...). Above all, the User must avoid publishing all material that belongs to third parties and that is registered as intellectual and/or industrial property without the proper authorization of its owner or having ensured that, by using it, it has the corresponding license to do so.
(13) This website may not be used to collect, or attempt to collect, personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent and/or without compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, of April 27th.
(14) Under no circumstances may activities be carried out through or from this website which affect the capacity of people or systems, including a denial of service (DOS) attack against another main network computer or individual User.
(15) It is prohibited to perform any other action for illegal purposes and/or which is harmful or infringes the rights of third parties and/or LEADING2APPS (including: right to honour, privacy, integrity of the person, good name...) and/or constitutes a crime or criminal offence.
(16) Nor may the Website be used for the propagation of hate speech and/or prejudice against minorities, advocacy of crime and/or violation of human rights.

12.3. LEADING2APPS’ conduct

12.3.1. LEADING2APPS’ duties

(1) LEADING2APPS undertakes to process the data of the Users following the rules of confidentiality and privacy established in these Conditions and in the provisions of the applicable regulations, in particular, the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, of April 27th and Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.
(2) LEADING2APPS undertakes to attend the Users in the requests, doubts or complaints they have, following the procedures of contact or requests’ submissions or complaints established in the set of legal policies.
(3) LEADING2APPS works so that the Web and the services that are offered work in a correct and safe way.
12.3.2. LEADING2APPS’ rights
(1) LEADING2APPS, at its own discretion, may terminate access to the Website, immediately and without prior notice, to the User who does not behave appropriately under these Terms and Conditions.


13.1. Refund conditions regarding the Services

Our services are subject to refund. Thus, all Users may request a refund of the amount paid, although the amount will depend on the status of the request made and contracted.
The clients will be able to receive 85% of the amount paid for the ticket if they meet the following requirements:

The Exchange Ticket has not been exchanged for a Japan Rail Pass.
The Exchange Ticket has not been damaged, lost or stolen.
The refund request has been sent within 15 days from the date of purchase.

The clients will be able to receive 100% of the amount paid for the ticket if refund insurance has been purchased and the clients meet the following requirements:

The Exchange Ticket has not been exchanged for a Japan Rail Pass.
The Exchange Ticket has not been damaged, lost or stolen.
The refund request has been sent within 15 days from the date of purchase.

The refund will be possible only if the following requirements have been met:

The product has not been damaged and we received it in the original state from the client.
We have received an email with the refund request within 15 days from the purchase date.
The client will be responsible for any shipment issues which may occur while returning the product.
The full refund will be possible only if the client has purchased refund insurance.
The client will be reimbursed by the railway company if the ticket has been denied.

To request a refund, you must send an email to info@japanrail-pass.com and provide the following details: full name, reference number, email address used at the time of application on the Website and reason for requesting the refund.

All refund requests will be processed within seventy-two (72) hours of the request.

What is covered under the Insurance Refund of JRP?

Purchasing the Insurance Refund guarantees a possibility to request any unexpected changes of the personal data as well as shipping details, for those who have already purchased a Japan Rail Pass, but wish to make amendments. If the insurance has not been purchased, the amendments on the printed JRPs will be subject to additional charges.
The insurance will cover the costs of a second shipment only if the price of the second shipment is not higher than the first one.

Cancellation of the Insurance Refund

If you wish to request a full refund, it is necessary to provide us with a copy of your ticket to Japan, for us to be able to verify your identity, time and departure date. It is understood that shipping takes up to two working days, therefore a full refund will not be possible if the date of placing your order and your flight to Japan coincide, or if we received your order less than 48 hours before your departure to Japan.


If you are not allowed to travel to Japan due to a force majeure (COVID-19) and it has been more than 15 days since you bought the Japan Rail Pass, you can exceptionally obtain a 70% refund of the amount paid for the ticket.

Pocket Wifi

As this product is provided by a third party, once requested, it is not possible to obtain a refund under any circumstances.


The SIM Card will be shipped to your chosen address. Unfortunately, once shipped, it is not refundable.

13.2. Withdrawal right

Due to the type of services offered, as these are personalised and customised services, the right to withdrawal does not apply, which is regulated by consumer and user regulations. You cannot withdraw from our services once they have been contracted and you only have the right to cancel: (i) when this is required by law; (ii) when this derives from a breach of the contractual clauses or regulations that give you the right to do so.


In the event of any discrepancy between the text of these conditions and any translation thereof, the English version shall prevail.


All rights to the content published on our website concerning the services we offer are protected by copyright and trademarks.
Users expressly - and for all purposes - acknowledge that the information, signs, images, designs, logotypes, animations, videos, writings as well as all other elements and contents published on the platform, including services and computer applications of the website, are subjected to industrial and intellectual property rights that belong to LEADING2APPS and/or third parties who duly authorized their inclusion on the website. Users have no rights over these contents unless expressly recognized.

Any partial or total reproduction of the content by means of any procedure and on any medium is subject to prior and express authorization by LEADING2APPS, with the limitations and qualifications already contemplated in our intellectual property policy, contained in the Legal Notice of our platform.


The personal data you must provide is essential for the provision of the service we offer you through this platform. When requesting our services, you commit to providing us with valid data, data that allows the provision of the service by LEADING2APPS and the correct identification as a User; as well as the sending of information and publicity that LEADING2APPS may believe may be of interest to you.
LEADING2APPS informs you that the personal data you provide will be processed for the purposes foreseen and with the security measures required by the European Regulation 679/2016, April 27th, on Personal Data Protection.
The purposes of the data processing will be, in detail, the following:
Provision and invoicing of services.
The notification of promotional agreements that may have been signed by LEADING2APPS with collaborating companies to offer Web Users certain services. However, this information will only be provided by LEADING2APPS and not by third parties.
To inform you of activities and information that we think may be of interest to you.
To respond to queries or requests for information that you may make.
LEADING2APPS offers the Users some legal guarantees, so that, at any time and/or when you deem it appropriate, you can make use of your rights of Access, Rectification, Opposition, Portability, Erasure and Restriction of processing by writing to the contact email LEADING2APPS designated for the exercising of such rights: gdpr@japanrail-pass.com or by sending a request to Carrer Electrònica 19, 2D, Badalona 08915, Spain. In both cases you must attach a copy of your passport or your ID and indicate the request you’d like to make: access, rectification, opposition, portability, erasure or restriction of processing.


LEADING2APPS reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the Terms and Conditions.

As a User you will always have these conditions in a visible place, freely accessible for consultation at any time. You must read them carefully each time you access the page. In any case, the acceptance of these conditions will be a prerequisite and an indispensable step in the process of contracting any available service through the Platform.


In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these conditions or policies, the Courts and Tribunals that will be made aware of the matter, will be those established by the applicable legal regulations in matters of competent jurisdiction.

If a Users’ situation is that of a final consumer the courts corresponding to their domicile will be the competent tribunal.

In the case of legal persons, the parties will be subjected to the courts of Barcelona (Spain).