Japan Rail Cafe opens at Tokyo Station

On March 5, 2020, the Japan Rail Cafe opened at Tokyo Station in Chiyoda City, Tokyo. As a place to drink, eat, socialize, and learn about Japan, it offers many services in one convenient location. Operated by East Japan Railway Co, which also opened a similar concept in Singapore in 2017, the venue is both an eatery and a tourist information center. Information will be updated on a seasonal basis to inform travelers about all the country has to offer. Japan-lovers, social butterflies, and travel enthusiasts alike will find the café to be modern, welcoming, and full of information.

What is the Tokyo’s Japan Rail Café?

Tokyo’s Japan Rail Cafe is a hybrid between a café and a tourist information hotspot. It’s the place to go to learn about what you can see and do in Japan, meet travelers around the world, buy Japan Rail passes, or grab a quick bite to eat. Visitors can gather, share their travel plans, and inspire others to experience the diversity of Japan. There’s a Travel Information counter where friendly workers will help you plan your dream vacation, setting you up with itineraries that match your interests and goals.

If you already have your must-do list complete, enjoy meeting others who love travel who have come from all over the world to take in Japan’s wonders. Or, get some travel tips, share what’s worked for you, learn more about what Japan can offer visitors, and share stories of trips past. Gain some new friends, knowledge, and tips to take with you on your travels. The possibilities for a meaningful trip to Japan are endless, so visitors and workers alike can help guide you in the right direction. With airy touches and comfortable seating, the café is truly a place to relax and learn from those and the country around you.

What does Tokyo’s Japan Rail Café offer you?

At its heart, the Japan Rail Cafe offers visitors the opportunity to engage in real conversation in the real Japan. It’s an authentic location offering up genuine hospitality and up-to-date knowledge. The café offers authentic Japanese food, including bar snacks, beef steak, tea, and box lunches. In the informational section, you’ll find booths selling JR tickets and “Welcome Suica” IC cards.

If you happen to visit when you’re short on time, look up at the video screens and large touch screen, which allows café-goers to visit various attractions throughout Japan. JR East representatives will also be available to assist with any travel-related questions that you may have as an inbound tourist. They’ll also inform you about any promotional campaigns that may be happening at the time of your visit. As a place to rest and converse, the Japan Rail Café is as unique as it is practical.

Where can you find the Japan Rail Café?

The Japan Rail Café can be found in Gran Tokyo North Tower 1F, which is next to the JR Tokyo Station (the main inter-city rail station in the city), and outside the Yaesu Central Gate. Its opening hours are as follows: Weekdays 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; weekends and public holidays 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., for the time being. The Ticket Information counter is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. Look for bright lighting, wooden furniture, the smells of tea, curries, and katsu, plus plenty of international visitors—chances are you’ve arrived at the right place.