Visiting the SCMaglev and Railway Park

The SCMaglev and Railway Park museum is actually the Central Japan Railways’ historical museum (for JR Central). This facility opened its doors back in 2011, and it has been educating and fascinating its visitors on the impressive changes to high speed rail in Japan ever since then. The museum today showcases a range of real trains, including the historic steam engines, the world record holders in bullet trains (shinkansen), and the exciting, most recent developments of maglev, magnetic levitating trains. 

About SCMaglev and Railway Park

The museum features actual engines as well as coaches within its exhibits. Its facility showcases an impressive array of 39 individual retired train cars that visitors can appreciate. Many of these cars allow for visitors to either view them from beneath or to enter and walk through them. They are accompanied by a vast array of exhibits that explain all of the various components of trains alongside their important and interesting maintenance and operational aspects. 

The museum has another interesting section which is devoted to the impressive maglev trains. This focuses on the JR Central rail plans to build a high speed maglev link from Tokyo to Osaka. The museum has a second floor with younger visitors in mind as well; families with little children were not forgotten when the JR Rail designers created this fascinating museum. It features a variety of interesting learning exhibitions and experiences that are designed with young children and their particular interests specifically in mind. 

Best exhibits

The museum is full of popular attractions. Some of the most beloved of these are the train simulations. The museum offers the young and the young at heart train enthusiasts the opportunity to try driving simulations of both conventional and shinkansen (bullet) trains. There is also a train crew simulation that allows you to personally feel what it means to be a train conductor responsible for the closing and opening of the train doors. 

There is an additional charge for these simulators that ranges from 100 yen to 500 yen. You are required to make advance reservations at the information desk of the museum if you are interested in trying out the simulators. A lottery system decides on the reservation order. This system operates four different times each day. You have to submit your entry minimally 45 minutes before the drawing takes place in order to participate. 

Another fascinating museum exhibit is the largest train dioramas in Japan. These miniature trains operate along shockingly detailed reconstructions of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. The room also features a second collection with real historical artifacts out of the first days of the Japanese railway era. The audio guide is conveniently available to rent in English, and it offers an in depth explanations for each of the exhibits found in the museum. 

How to get there?

You can conveniently reach the railway park from the Nagoya Station. From here, you board the Aonami Line and ride to the terminal station at Kinjofuto Station. This is a 25 minute one way ride. The price for this ticket is 360 yen; be aware that this ticket is not included under the Japan Rail Pass system. The trains for this Kinjofuto Station leave four times an hour all day every day. The Railway Park is only several stops away from the Kinjofuto Station. It lies near the Legoland park exhibit.