Hyperdia app

Japan is a beautiful country with a history rich in tradition. As a travel destination, it is second to none. It has an extensive train system that covers much of the country, making it convenient to travel almost anywhere by rail, but there’s a drawback. It’s not the easiest mass transit system to navigate. Enter the Hyperdia app! Hyperdia is a search engine for all of Japan’s major transportation including its train system. It offers everything you need to find routes, check prices and plan your travels within the country.

How to use Hyperdia app

Before you begin using Hyperdia, it’s important to note that it is available both on the web at Hyperdia.com and as a downloadable app. Both options offer a quick and convenient way to research your next journey.

If you are new to the app, it can be a bit confusing, so let’s take a look at how to use it:

Step 1: Get Connected

You’ll need an internet connection to access the app’s information. This is simply due to the constantly updating nature of train schedules.

Step 2: Enter Your Destination And Your Starting Point

On the app’s homepage, you’ll see a box for “From:” and “To:” — enter the starting and ending cities for your desired travel.

Step 3: Select The Date And Time Of Your Departure

This is auto-filled, so be sure to change this if you are not leaving immediately.

Step 4: Optional: Add Destinations

Use the “Detail” button to add up to three cities you wish to stop at en route to your destination.

Step 5: Search

Whether you choose additional cities or just select an origin and destination, hit “Search” to get your results.

Step 6: Select Your Stations

Once you hit search, a list of stations in your chosen departure and arrival cities is displayed. Select the stations that best fit your plans.

Step 7: View Results

After you select your stations, Hyperdia will display your routes. These will include each station along the route, total travel time, total cost in yen, and more.

Planning your trip with Hyperdia

This app is indispensable for those traveling in Japan for the first time and is a fantastic tool for planning your trip through inland Japan — no matter where you’re headed. It’s available for free and offers you everything you need to navigate Japan’s rail system.

The app provides you with:

  • a clear, easy to use interface;
  • the ability to look at train schedules in advance;
  • the ability to include up to three stopover cities between your origin and destination cities;
  • options to select the type of train on which you wish to travel — Express, Sleeper, etc.;
  • a dropdown list of stations located within your chosen cities, making it easy to refine your destination;
  • a selection of the best routes to your destination, including all stopover cities, along with total travel time and cost as well as a complete breakdown by each leg of the journey.

What more could you ask for? Hyperdia does an excellent job of routing your journey and presenting it to you in a comprehensive manner. Just follow the easy instructions listed above to plan your next trip!

How to download the Hyperdia app

Now that you’re convinced the app is the best tool to help you research and plan your rail travel in Japan, both in advance or on the go, you need to get your copy. Thankfully, this is very easy! It can be downloaded to your smartphone from either the Apple App Store or the Google Android Play Store in just minutes. It requires no sign-up or sign-in, so once you download it you’ll be searching Japan’s train schedules in no time!